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The Property Development and Management Department (JPPH) is responsible for the planning and implementation of development works, providing facility maintenance and technical services as well as delivering logistics services to the University community. The department began in 2002 as the Office of Property Development and Management (PPPH) whose main functions were to carry out civil, electrical and mechanical maintenance and development works as well as to provide asset management and logistics services to the University community. The tasks were carried out by two operating units known as the Technical Unit and the Vehicle Unit.

In 2007, PPPH was upgraded to a full department with three main divisions namely:

- The Development & Design Division
- The Maintenance Division
- The Administration & Asset Management Division

At the end of 2015, the University’s top managent moved the University’s headquarters from its Gambang campus to its main campus in Pekan. The move required the department to reorganize itself and realign its operations to serve the University community in two separate campuses. Thus, the department was further restructured to enhance its management and operation by reviewing and renaming the three divisions to be as follows:

i. The Maintenance Division
ii The Development & Renovation Division
iii The Management & Support Services Division