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A. Transportation Management Section

1. Organizes the University’s transportation operations including the trip reservation system and the assignment of drivers and vehicles.
2. Responsible to ensure staff / driver compliance to the relevant rules, regulations and procedures on the use of University vehicles.
3. Coordinates the allocation and relocation of University vehicles to the authorized personnel and Responsibility Centres (PTJ).
4. Coordinates the transportation requirements of the University’s official events and activities.
5. Controls and monitors the use of the department fuel indent and toll cards (Touch N Go & Smart Tag).
6. In charge of the vehicle operation system and the safekeeping of the vehicle keys, log books, fuel and toll cards.
7. Inspects the vehicle log books to ensure their record keeping is updated and verified by the authorized officer every month.
8. Handles rental applications from the University staff and the public for University buses.
9. Coordinates the distribution of notifications of traffic offences or summons issued by the authorities to the respective Responsibility Centres.
10. Coordinates the preparation and verification of the relevant documents for procurement and rental payment of University vehicles.

B. Section of Maintenance

1. Coordinates the procurement of University vehicles.
2. In charge of the periodic maintenance of University vehicles.
3. Coordinates the repair of damaged University vehicles.
4. Coordinates the renewal of motor vehicle insurance and road tax for University vehicles.
5. Carries out regular inspection to ensure the University vehicles are always in good and safe condition.
6. Coordinates the support operation and arrangement for University vehicles involved in breakdowns, accident, damage, theft, or other emergency circumstances.
7. Coordinates insurance claims for University vehicles with insurance companies.
8. Coordinates the arrangement of University vehicles inspection by the PUSPAKOM.
9. Coordinates the application of permits from SPAD for the University buses.
10. Coordinates the application of the Certificate of Disposal (PEP) from the relevant authority for the disposal of University vehicles.
11. In charge of the procurement for the safety equipment and other amenities required to maintain the cleanliness, good and safe condition of the University vehicles.

 C. Event Section

1. In charge of the equipment reservation system for University events.
2. Coordinates the preparation and supply of equipment for events.
3. In charge of the reservation system of the Astaka hall.
4. Monitors the implementation of works and services by the contractors to ensure the fulfillment of the event service contract.
5. Facilitates in the supervision of the event service contract
6. Coordinates the preparation and review of documents for verification of payments to contractors according to the event service contract.
7. Coordinates the maintenance and repair works for the equipment under the unit’s custody.
8. In charge of the management of the department stores and safekeeping of the equipment.